Daily Plan

P1s & P2s
2:00- 3:25 Homework or circle time activity
3:25- 3:30 Toilet and handwashing
3:30- 3:50 Snack
3:50- 4:30 Outside games
4:30- 6:00 Extra activities (see below)

P3s – P7s
3:25- 3.30 Toilet and handwashing
3:30- 3:50 Snack
3:50- 4.30 Homework
4:30-6:00 Extra activities (see below)

Monday – cooking class
Tuesday – Tennis class
Wednesday- art classes
Thursday- Dance class
Friday- Fun, Games, championships

Theme Plan

No. Theme Idea’s
1 Bye Bye summer. My new friends at “Little eco steps”. Introducing myself (drawing own face on a balloon talking about our self), talking about family, school, friends. Feelings back to school, expectations from new out of school club. Out of school club routines. Talking about summer holiday, drawing a picture of summer holiday.
2 Imagination of future My imagination of Future, what I would like to be when I grow. Houses, future cars, people, job places, toys, playground (Lots creating activities from recycling material).
3 Healthy eating habits Talking about healthy and not healthy food, drawing a plate of healthy food, cooking sala d together. With covered eyes testing food.
4 Me and my family Everything about me, my role in the family (what can I do better to h elp parents) My expectations from parents, what they could better to understand me. This week a lot of talking about feeling, drawing pic, listen children stories from the books. Feel Thankful every day. Making family album.
5 I am growing happy This week talking about feelings, how do I feel in different situation, how to recognize when I am happy or sad, who to talk with? Am I happy at school? am I happy with my friends? Do I feel safe? Drama lessons to play short stories. Read stories from the books. Draw happy day and sad day.
6 I love books Book week. Reading stories, talking about books. Why do I have to read? Making own story book. Reading Dialogue.
7 Week without TV, phone, Computer. Experimenting week without technology. Creating diary of this week, how do I feel? Different activities do not feel bored.
8 I am safe in town , public places, on the road, play ground, how to recognise a stranger? Lots of discussion how to keep ourselves safe in the town, public places. How to recognise a stranger? This week children will make a big city model.
9 Our Eco green school What does it mean our eco green school to us? All craft activities from recycling resources. Children making toys for small children to the nursery. Watching video about saving the Earth planet
10 I love dancing Lots of dancing. Watching video about different country’s traditional and modern dancing.
11 Sports week Olympic week.
12 Music week Listening different country’s traditional music. Recognising instruments sound. Drawing a picture when listening to forest, rain, sea sound
13 Do we have to much? What do we need for every day? Lots of discussion, about our needs. Charity. Recycling. Taking care of the Earth. Toys selling market.
14 Tattoo and henna painting Tattoo and henna painting to each other and on the paper. Watching video. Why people having tattoos?
15 Lets Explore Week of searching, talking about travel to Asia and Europe countries. Making a big imagination map. Discussing where and why we want to live.
16 Experiment week Making lots of experiments.
17 Drama week